Request for TWiki access

To apply for access to the TWiki, fill in this form.

Your WikiName is the name of your TWiki user account. It has to be a single word that begins with an uppercase character and has lowercase characters followed by one or more uppercase characters. Your WikiName should be simply your first and last name concatenated. Say, if your name was John MacWursthausen, your WikiName should be JohnMacWursthausen. If your name has characters in it that are not in the 7-bit ASCII character set (things like ä, é, ç, ñ), then in your WikiName please use a version of your name that avoids these (e.g. ae, e, c, n resp.).

The password must be at least eight characters. This form will return the encryption of your password. Remember that although you submit your encrypted password for account creation, you use your unencrypted password to log on.

Your country may not be well defined and is a personal choice. Feel free to leave this blank.

First & last name:
Your WikiName:
Email address:
Your password:
Retype password:

You will have to e-mail the returned information to the Wiki webmaster who will create your account. Feel free to correct your details before sending the e-mail. Of course it would be unwise to tamper with the password encryption.

In your e-mail please also give a reason for your application, such as naming a person or project who can confirm your need for access; ideally, name a member of ROE. Finally, it is advisable to use "TWiki" near the start of the e-mail subject, to avoid the message being possibly discarded as spam by the human receiving it.

After your account has been created, please spend a minute reviewing the topic in the TWiki that describes yourself. You can add details such as your company name, your web site address, etc. You can reach the page from the list of all users.