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(Green House Observations of the Startosphere and Troposphere)

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Third party software


SVN Usage

Typical use case

None of this is compulsory, it's just a fairly complete example of how things work;

  1. Check out the software to a local working directory
    svn co ./GHOST-temp
  1. Add a directory
    cd GHOST-temp/tests/redis      (now in GHOST-temp/tests/redis directory)
    mkdir DataStore02
    cd DataStore02       (now in GHOST-temp/tests/redis/DataStore02 directory)
  1. Add some files
    echo "A test of netCDF storage for GHSOT array data" >> readme.txt
  1. Now tell SVN about the new directories and files
    cd .. (now in GHOST-temp/tests/redis directory)
    svn add DataStore02
  1. Now commit your changes (files get written to SVN here)
    cd ../..         (now in GHOST-temp directory)
    svn commit

Globalhawk, NASA etc

Wiki,Subversion etc

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