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#8 fixed distinct admin access Horst Meyerdierks Horst Meyerdierks

Some projects will not want to give all their developers full admin access. Change to three levels of access: user (as now), developer (all but TRAC_ADMIN), TRAC_ADMIN. The admin access is irrelevant to svn and hence also to the script that composes the authz file from the trac permissions. All we need is to change the developer group of permissions to be user plus what they need, but not as much as to have the admin button in the wiki.

#7 worksforme managing trac.ini Horst Meyerdierks Horst Meyerdierks

A minority of web admin tasks affect the trac.ini file. This means we cannot implement another management procedure for those files without taking account of the concurrent management of the file by two procedures. One possible such procedure was to have the hourly cron job update trac.ini from the project's svn repository. This would overwrite changes made by web admin, and it might change trac.ini to owner root, whereafter web admin (www-data) would be unable to change it. Perhaps that is the solution, make the file root-owned so that web admin's attempts to change it fall over, thus encouraging developers to make those changes by hand in the svn repository. But how badly does it fall over?

#6 fixed no e-mails Horst Meyerdierks Horst Meyerdierks

There are no e-mail notifications, even when an e-mail address is entered into the Cc field of a ticket.

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