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Application for a user account

You will have to ask for a user account by e-mail to < forge @ >, but this form allows you to enter the password of your choice and it returns to you the encryption of that password. You will have to include that information in your e-mailed application.

Please base your choice of user name on your real name, using a first name and the last name without space in between. Say, if your name was John MacWursthausen, your user name should be JohnMacWursthausen. If your name has characters in it that are not in the 7-bit ASCII character set (things like ä, é, ç, ñ), then in your user name please use a version of your name that avoids these (e.g. ae, e, c, n resp.). The password must be at least six characters. If you use more than eight characters only the first eight will be used.

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