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ROE Software Forge

This server hosts a number of projects. If you don't know the name of your project or don't know its URL, go to the list of projects.

Some projects give anonymous read access, others require you to use a user account. For write access (edit the wiki, commit repository changes) all projects require you to use a user account with "developer" access. The NewUserForm helps you with the application for a new user account.

If you want to create a new project, convince someone at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh that the project is a good idea and have them raise a helpdesk ticket for creation of the new project in the Software Forge.

  • NewUserForm -- Apply for a user account.
  • UserAccess -- Explanation of the different levels of access.
  • UserDoc -- Information for users, anonymous or registered and logged on.
  • DeveloperDoc -- Information for developers and project admins.
  • SVN book -- This is the local copy that comes as part of the Debian Linux installation. It can be accessed only from the Royal Observatory. Remote users will have to consult another copy, see below.
  • SVN book -- Copy at There are versions of the book for Subversion 1.0, to 1.4. This server runs Subversion 1.1.
  • TracGuide -- Built-in Documentation
  • The Trac project -- Trac Open Source Project
  • TitleIndex -- list of pages in this wiki