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ROE Software Forge

This server hosts a number of projects. If you don't know the name of your project or don't know its URL, go to the list of projects.

Some projects give anonymous read access, others require you to use a user account. So far there is no well-rehearsed routine to obtain a user account, nor to allow such an account access to a project. You can for now use a form for a different service to help you with a user account application. When you e-mail in your details make it clear that you want an account for the Software Forge. Also say which project or projects you want access to, and whether that is read access (normal user access) or read-write access (developer access). You can e-mail your request to < twiki @ >, but - again - be clear that the account is to be for the Software Forge.

If you want to create a new project, convince someone at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh that the project is a good idea and have them raise a helpdesk ticket for creation of the new project in the Software Forge.