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Ultracam logo (white on black) This Trac project is the source repository for the Ultracam software (including the real-time layer, the servers, GUIs and interfaces). Ultracam is a control and data handling system that runs under RT Linux and interfaces to XXX (often called SDSU controllers). Ultracam is capable of handling CCDs (large and small formats, including LLL devices), IR arrays and anything else that the controllers can interface to. The system has been designed to be as flexible as possible, and to have minimum overheads (from it's use in high-time resolution instruments). The complete package includes;

  • DSP object file tools
  • Real time interface modules and control and data handling
  • Camera control and data handling servers, using XML over http protocol, to interface to user space
  • A Data server to interface to display tools (etc)
  • Example APIs in C and Python
  • A GUI interface in Java

Other codes (high accuracy time stamping from GPS, motor control, environment monitoring) are also available.

The modules currently available are;

UCam source:UCam/ The UCam camera controller and data acquisition system
UCamDSP source:UCamDSP/ The UCam ARC controller software applications
UCamFileServer source:UCamFileServer/ A C++ data server for Ultracam datasets
UCamSimpleIF source:UCamSimpleIF/ A simple C API for talking to the filesave and camera servers
UClient source:UClient/ A Java interface to the UCam servers
PyUCam source:PyUCam/ A python interface to the UCam servers
WxUCam source:WxUCam/ A python GUI interface to the UCam servers


The old documentation is being moved to this wiki, and will (we hope) form the basis of a more complete set of UltracamDocumentation.

Layout of Ultracam software

The software tree has sub-modules, with the usual trunk, tags and branches directories beneath that. The modules are supposed to be loosely dependent, i.e. they might require each other to run but they don't require each other to build; try to keep it that way. For one way of creating a new module, see AddNewModule.

Information on Subversion

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