Workflow 1: User

First of all, get the information about where the repository is (the URL), and any login information you might need. For the Ultracam server the URL is where;

  • MODULE_NAME should be replaced by the module you want (for example UCamFileServer)
  • XXXX should normally be replaced by the word "trunk"

After that, choose a directory to work in and execute, for example;

svn checkout UServer

You may be asked to enter a user name and password to check out this code, depending on the security level of the repository. This will check out the code from the trunk of UCamFileServer into a local directory called UServer. You should be able to build/install/run this code.

If you need to access a specific revision, you can specify -r REV, where REV can be a revision number, a date or a keyword, eg;

svn checkout -r {2007-02-17} UServer

will check out the last revision stored before 00:00 hours on 17th Feb 2007.

Workflow 2: general developer

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