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#1 fixed use of Horst Meyerdierks Horst Meyerdierks

New projects are configured such that their wiki refers to The new trac.ini file has this as "url", as "link", and "descr" is set to "My example project". We should routinely change these to make sense for the server or the project.

#2 fixed projects need trac-admin Horst Meyerdierks Horst Meyerdierks

At least the main developer in each project needs to be able to configure at least the tracker. Not all software consists of "component1" and "component2". Haha. Some projects have three components, others might want to name their components in Gaelic.

#4 fixed projects need to grant svn access Horst Meyerdierks Horst Meyerdierks

The developers on a project can use the web admin plugin to change which existing users can access the trac environment (including browsing the repository), but proper access to the svn repository via HTTPS/WebDAV is firmly under control of the superuser on the server.

Could the per-project group definitions in dav_svn.authz be collected automatically from projects rather than the whole file be edited centrally only by root@forge?

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